The Pros of Looking for a Job Online

12 May , 2016 Online Job Pros

The Pros of Looking for a Job Online

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Anyone who has experienced the turbulent job market knows just how tedious and difficult it can be to search for a new career. But at least with the internet at our fingertips, we have a world of opportunities at our fingertips. While there is something to be said about an old fashioned resume printed on fine linen paper, hand delivered to potential future jobs, there is also certainly the benefit of many different options. Especially for those who have very specific jobs, or are looking to travel to a new location for a job, the internet simplifies the process of searching.

Ease of Finding Specialized Jobs: For those who have very specific fields, the internet is a godsend. With entire websites dedicated to specific fields, like Nursing Jobs or Journalism Jobs, jobs are compiled into one location making browsing a breeze. Generalized sites also allow keyword searches and other filters to find a very specific position.

Receiving Notifications of New Jobs: Be one of the first to know when a new job matching your criteria shows up on the job market by subscribing to updates of new postings. This way, you stay current and be of the first few to apply for a particular job, so you don’t get loss in the masses. Anytime a new job is posted, you’ll know about it. It helps you track the market, too.

Time Saving: Instead of driving around delivering applications and resumes or calling companies to find out if they are hiring, you can find out in just a few quick taps of the keyboard. With a centralized list and the addition of filters to help you find a job with your specific requirements, you’ll save a lot of time and likely be able to apply to many more jobs than you would without access to the internet. Some sites even let you do a one click apply.

Let The Jobs Come to You: While you’re looking for a job, don’t forget that companies are also looking for you. Make it easy, and put your resume online so they can find you. You’ll double your opportunities, and when they can prescreen your resume without you even having to do a thing, your chances at getting a new job just expanded.

Following Up is Simple: One of the most important parts of applying for a new job is following up a few days later to see if anything else is needed. By applying online, you can set a reminder on your computer to send the follow up on a specific day if you haven’t already heard back, and then send an email in a matter of minutes, and can make a huge difference in the impression you’ve left on a potential employer.

Researching the Company: In advance of applying for a job, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the company. Do you support their mission? Is it somewhere you would even want to work? Is it even within the radius of where you are willing to commute? All this can be researched in a small window of time, preparing you for your cover letter and potential interview.

Online Communities and Networking: Networking online is a huge asset when searching for a new job. Be it communities of people who are in your industry, or staying in contact with old coworkers, they are a great way to stay abreast of what’s going on in the industry. This type of group allows for people to sometimes even find out about jobs before they even get onto the market.


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