FAQ Online Job Hunting

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Why do people look for jobs online?

There are many benefits to seeking a job using online resources. Most importantly, it is quick and easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. By submitting a resume or filling out an application online, job hunters can know that their information is sent to the employer immediately, rather than sending it through the mail and potentially missing the window of opportunity for a specific position. It’s also easy to search a wide area with a certain set of criteria, as well as research the company and any relevant information to help make your resume and cover letter stand out from the rest.

Where are some of the best places to look for a job online?

There is no shortage of online resources to help you find a new job. Even starting at Google, it should lead you to a plethora of opportunities related to your field or desired job type. There are several popular website that are dedicated to helping people find new jobs, as well as uploading their resume to a database that employers can search through looking for their criteria, and other resources to help you be the best job hunter you can be. Try looking at Indeed.com, Monster.com, Salary.com or CareerBuilder.com to start.

Should I submit my resume in addition to an application?

It depends on what the company asks for, some only want their specific application completed, while others give you the option to add an attachment. Use your discretion, but I find attaching the resume to be beneficial as it gives the employer a glimpse into what sets you apart from the rest.

How long should I wait before sending a follow up email after applying?

It’s important to remember that while looking for a job may be your main priority, companies seeking employees are likely still running a business in addition to looking for an employee. This means that patience is key, because it could take them a lot of time to sort through resumes to come across yours, especially if they are understaffed to begin with and are working double duty to make sure their work is complete. A week is often considered a golden number for the time you should wait before contacting a company asking if you can provide any further information to the resume you already submitted.

What are job search filters?

Job search filters let you narrow down your search criteria to fit your individual needs. If you’ll commute 20 miles max, you can put this in as a filter which ensures the only job listings you get back are within your immediate area. You can also include keywords for your skills, which will bring back the jobs available that are appropriate to you personally. It saves you a lot of time from sorting through the pages of jobs that come through when no filters are applied.

How often do new jobs show up online?

Depending on how specific or general your search is, they can show up hourly, daily or weekly.